Veronique BENONY

Masque Masque Masque

Name:Veronique BENONY

Country: France

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Biography/ 略歴

Her next project is to exhibit her animals in the Castle of Angers like a menagerie. She has shown her work during 5 months in 2016 at “Malicorne espace Faïence“, a museum of earthenware (personal exhibition). Every Year she participates at 5 or 6 ceramic exhibitions in France ; Couvent de Treigny, Sèvres, Rablay sur Layon, Herbignac, Le Fuilet, Saint Amand en Pui-saye, . . . She is represented by 4 galleries in France and in Spain (Barcelona) . Last year, she received 2 awards for her animals and mask. She learnt and practice ceramic at School of Fine Arts in Angers. Recently she practices in a Master class with Robert Lawarre (USA) and then with Dany Jung (France). This year , she willl stay in Japan next september at Kitagama Kasen, a pottery studio area in Seto. She was born in Nantes on the 15th of April 1962 but she‘s been living in Angers for over 30 years, where she set up her modeling workshop.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

Going to the point, summarizing the animal with a single geometric shape, expressing movement with a few lines, translating the pelage by texturing the clay and enhance features with color ; that’s how she discusses her creating process for animals. Animals are her favorite theme, but she also explored the circus theme through clowns and dancers. The sheep, fishes, parrots, and monkeys she presents are the result of a combination of techniques of plates and molding. Her goal is to start from a geometrical shape as a rectangle or a triangle, and add some movement as well as specific textures from the original animal. According to the form, François Pompon,Constantin Brancuzi, Xavier Lalanne, Claude Lhoste are her references and sources of inspiration. She especially likes the sculptural abstraction of their works. Her pieces are made of sandstone with black clay- firing in electric oven to 1200 °. She also practises Raku firing at 980 °.

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