Nathalie EECKMAN


Name: Nathalie EECKMAN

Country: Belgium

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Biography/ 略歴

Born in Kortrijk (Belgium) in 1963. I studied Roman Languages and Literature at the University of Leuven (Belgium). Recently I gave my life a new direction to concentrate on what really matters to me : expression. Some time ago (eaerly 2000) I already started sculpture classes with Dominique D’Haese in Ghent (Belgium) but the real turn-about was initiated when I started ceramics at the Academie of Visual Arts in Anderlecht (near Brussels; Belgium) in 2010. Exhibitions : May 2016 : “La vie est belle” , solo exhibition in Kortrijk (Belgium) September 2016 : « Art in the village », art biennale with artist of different disciplines in Bellingen (near Brussels, Belgium) April 2017 : “Janot invites …”, on invitation of painter and former gallery owner Janot Michiels June 2017 :” Window on Art”, exhibition organized with friends to show our work

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I take on universal forms which remind me of our lives, giving me the opportunity to explore and manipulate movement in depth using clay and porcelain as medium. The exploration of movement and forms continues in my sculpted pots.

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