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Name: Sylvie ENJALBERT

Country: France

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Biography/ 略歴

– Artist in residence, Shigaraki, Japan, 2015

– Throwing training with Auguste X 2011

– Bulding of a wood firing kiln, 2009

– Training in a local studio in the North on Chili. Learning the age old coiling technincs, 2005-2009

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

Sylvie Enjalbert settled in France, reinvents archaic figures, creating pieces using the age-old hand-coiled method. Thus arise fluid, sensitive and sensuous forms. Her creations bear resonances that are both timeless and contemporary. Her pots are like bodies, stoneware vessels in forms that contains the essence of life. Curves with living flow. She chooses to work with naked skin so that the bare clay like skin, calls for an encounter. Left in their natural state the pore of the clay body vibrate and breath.

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