Arlette LEGROS

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Name: Arlette LEGROS

Country: Belgium

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Biography/ 略歴

 Graduated from Fine arts Academy of Huy. Formation with Jacques Loly, Thierry Fouquet, Charles Bottin en Belgique, Rizu Takahashi en France, Seungho Yang.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

My cerative work is inspired by the vegetal, mineral world and my imagination in wich the forces complicit in the earth, water and fire mix to give brith to forms, volumes. To pay homage to the lands and its multicity. Wether it’s shooting, plates, coils, I saw creation as a dialogue spontaneous, intuitively filled with emotions or everyone can find a part of himself. The completation of a piece gives rise to the design of the following creation invisible but intense links. Cooking with wood Anagama, bring them in depth, light, material, beauty…

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