Sabrina MOLZ – Suet Ying WONG

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Name: Sabrina MOLZ – Suet Ying WONG

Country: Germainy / Hong Kong

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Biography/ 略歴

Sabrina MOLZ is from Sohren, Germany, has been an art lover for long and decided to pursue her dream of an own studio through ceramics.

Suiet Ying WONG is a Hong Kong bases desinger and ceramics maker. In 2007, she studied ceramics for over 10 years. Before she turned 30, she decided to give up her stable job and move to Japan. She then was chosen and became an apprentice of Japanese potter for a while. This is where the two potters met for the first time.

Two ceramic artists who came across in Japan and met each other in Germany again. In 2015, they built their own studio and started to work together. So what they are presenting here is a ceramic crossover project between two nations – Hong Kong & Germany.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

For us, ceramic is not only about creating something beautiful.

The texture of our cups are from a piece of cloth that we discovered couple years ago in the old Brandschrank, which belonged to Ms MOLZ’s grandmother. The texture of the cloth leaves a stuble feeling of warmth and coziness. Memories and time are preserved in a form of poreclain cup.

But it is also about crating a sympathetic connection between poeple no matter what color of skin, religion or citizenship they hold. It is creating a connection between the server and the served, beauty and conflict instead of denying rapture and anguish.

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