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Country: France

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Biography/ 略歴

I really started my art with ceramics in 2010 when I was invited in residence artist in Tokoname. Since I’m exhibiting in France, in Corea, in Taïwan, in Mauritius island…My work is mostly animals and bodies handbuilt but I like to do also utilitary pieces like bowls and plates.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント


2015 : Corea, 10 days for ceramics,

2015 : Shanghai, Porcelain Teapots

2016 : Szartava, Latvia woodfiring,

2017 : Dubi, Czech republic, porcelain

2017 : Gravilov, Russia, woodfiring next august

Shared exhibitions

2013 : ICAD, Sasama, biennale, Japan

2014 : Kecskemet, Triennale, Hungary Artceram, biennale, Sèvres, France

2015 : ICAD, Sasama, biennale, Japan Shanghai, Teapot porcelain, China 100 cups, galerie Alliages, Lille, France Concours international de Vallauris, Urne funéraire, France

2016 : Artceram, biennale, Sèvres, France Chawan expo, Miaoli, Taïwan Kaohsiung exhibition, Taïwan

2017 : Espresso and Cappucino Cups, Italia Solo exhibitions

2016 : honored invited, Château de Dormans, France galerie Hélène de Senneville, Mauritius island Galleries Carnac, Galerie Port en Drô, France Paimpol, Galerie Sillage, France Rocamadour, Galerie art et tradition, France Pointe aux cannoniers, Galerie de Senneville, Mauritius island Foot path gallery, Tokoname, Japan

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