Hiroshige KATO | 加藤 裕重

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Name: Hiroshige KATO | 加藤 裕重

Country: Aichi, Japan

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Biography/ 略歴

1959 Born in Seto city , Aichi Pref

1983 After Graduating from MEIJI univ , start apprenticeship in Kasen Ceramics under the Grand Masters Senzaemon ( grandfather)

1997 Received the title of 12th Kasen Ceramic Grand Master

2000 Selected as a JICA expert to teach ceramic art and technology in Oaxa States, MEXICO.

2013 Ceramic classes and support to start ceramic studio in Bugaramanga States , COLOMBIA.

2015 Japanese traditional ceramic workshop at Berkshire School sheffield,MA USA

2016 Japanese traditional ceramic workshop at Northcote pottery supply in Melbourne Australia

2017 Japanese traditional ceramic workshop at India Institute of Technology design center in Munbai workshop at Bradley University in Peoria , Illinois USA workshop at Millikin University in deDecatur,Illinois USA

*Authored ‘ An Introduction to Ceramics ‘ ( Published by Tatsumi)

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント


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