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Name: Hans VANGSØ

Country: Danemark

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Biography/ 略歴

Education : The Academy of Fine Arts, Århus, Danemark. 1972-76.


Solo exhibitions since 2000 :


Galerie Besson, London, 2004/2009.

Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen, 2003.

Galerie DM Sarver, Paris, 2002.

Carlin Gallery, Paris, 2005.

Kaolin, Stockholm, 2006.

Galerie Puls, Bruxelles, 2005/2007/2011/2015.

Galleri Ann Linnemann, Copenhagen, 2008/2015.

Galerie Lacoste, Boston, 2012/2014/2016.

Scottish Gallery, Edinburg, 2012.

Galleri Pagter, Kolding, 2013.

Oxford Ceramics Gallery, 2013/2016.

Galerie Hu, Nagoya, 2015.


Joint exhibitions :


Sigtuna Museum, Sweden, 2001.

From the Kilns of Danemark, New York, 2002. Berlin, 2004. Paris, 2004.

Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2006/2007.

Work-Snyderman Galleries, Philladelphia, USA, 2007. SOFA 2009.

Galleri Profilen, Århus, Danemark, 2013.

Centre Céramique Contemporaine, La Borne, France, 2012.

Nicolaj Art Design, kolding, 2014.f

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

The work of Hans VANSGØ, basically founded in the Japanese tradition, shows the roots and soul of ceramics

The combination of great simplicity in form and rich texture in glazes, and above all, the total melting of glaze and body, render Hans VANGSØ’s works unique.

The very much alive surface of the glaze is being fired several times in a handmade gaz kiln, wrapped in paper-saggars with salt, seaweed, metals, etc. at 1300 degrees C.

At first glance fis works show an immediate Asian influence, in form and glaze.

However taking a closer look, one senses the strong and deep underlying personal feel of the North.

A rich and balances tradition of colour and tone, inspired by Nordic nature and the natural minimalisù of Danish culture.

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