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Name: Eba BARRIO

Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴

I started ceramics in the School of Arts and Crafts of Vitoria-Gasteiz with the ceramist Angela Etxebarria.

Between the year 1997-99, I realized the Decoration Ceramics Ceramics Program and its subsequent final project at the School of Applied Arts inVitoria-Gasteiz, obtaining the title of Ceramic Decorator.

I participated in the seminary of Sargadelos for a month in 1998, with serval invited ceramists.

From the years 2000-2004 I continued my studies at Llotja School of Design in Barcelona, specializing in Artistic Ceramics and obtaining the qualification of Advanced Technician in Artistic Ceramic.

Collaborator with the Ceramist Claudi Casanovas in the realization of a great ceramic sculpture for its placement in a public space (Olot, Girona) for serval months. Afterwards I worked as an assistant in his workshop during 2 years (2004-2006).

I have taken part in serval courses with renowned ceramists, among them: “Painting Applied to Ceramics” with Ardio Blasco and Pompeo Pianezzola, “Architectural Structures” with Enric Mestre, wheel pottery courses with Dolres Ros and Ramon Fort, Raku with Avelino Carrasco, etc.

I have recently assisted (2016) to the courses given by the Master Shozo Michikawa of the wheel sculpture in Madrid and Masakazu Kusakabe of the wood firing kilns in Monryo, Teruel.

At the present I combine the classes of ceramics at children’s schools and my work in my workshop with the same enthusiasm and passion as at the beginning, looking for my path, always around ceramics.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I fell in love with Ceramics with the first classes I recived 20 years ago. Being able to transform a piece of clay into a piece is a wonderful thing. Opening the kiln and checking the results is a unique, almost magical feeling. Since then Ceramics is the path that marks my life, my studies, my work, my dreams, my day-to-day.

During these last two years, my work as a Ceramist has been mainly focused on making pieces for tea: chawans, teapots, bowls, etc. That is why traveling to Japan next year means a great opportunity to learn, work and improve my pieces.

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