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Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴



– Espacio B. Madrid. December 2016 – Ceramic International Art Fair. Bailén. – June 2016 – Room Mate Mario. Madrid June 2016 – “Café di Vino”. Madrid Apr-May 2016 – Moncloa Ceramic School (ECM). Madrid – Jan-Feb 2016


– NB7 Gallery (Contemporary Ceramics – Fair FLECHA). Madrid December 2016 – Contemporary Ceramics Fair CERCO. – Zaragoza. May 2014 – “Cerámica 10/14”. CC Villa de Barajas. – Madrid. 2014 – “Colores de Vida” C.C. La Despernada – and María Zambrano Library at the UCM – University. Madrid 2014 – Espacio 8 Gallery. Madrid 2010. – “Técnicas Dibujísticas” CC San Vicente, – Almazán, Soria 2010 – “Galerie droite” École Nationale – Superieure des Beaux Arts. París 2008  

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

My work is not marked by a definite straight line, but rather by a succession of curves and bifurcations, marked by the approach to numerous supports and techniques.

Experimenting with heterogeneous disciplines gives me the necessary technical skills to work in a multifaceted way. The use of colour is the central axis of my work, as well as the use of forms and space as a compositional resource. One of the main areas in my career is ceramics. Mainly, I realise medium format pieces, close to the traditional utilitary pottery but with modern winks and a naif touch. Nature is generally a source of inspiration and is reflected in the use of images of animals and plants as well as the presence of organic forms.

“The observation of nature and meditation have generated art” This quote from Cicero sums up the main objective of my work today: to create taking nature as a source of inspiration, starting with organic forms and playing with certain patterns of repetition and scale. However, I consider my work in a state of process and research, both formal and conceptual. But this search is the most interesting of the artistic activity: a path in which one must be prepared to risk, fail and then learn.  

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