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Name: Carlos MARTINEZ

Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴


2016….“Sobrepeso”. Ceramic Fair. Marratxi, Mallorca, Spain. 2015 “II” Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture of Cnarte. Torrevieja, Spain. “Fratelli Cnarte” Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. “Meldola”, Italy. 2008: “Consumo placer” Casino Hall. Elda, Spain.


2016 51 Price “Reina Sofía” of painting and sculpture. Casa de Vacas. Madrid, Spain. Dialogo a Duo, sala del Casino. Elda, Alicante. ……….ARTSevilla, International Fira of contemporany art, Diwap Galley. Sevilla 2015 II Esculpture Competition Francisco Asorey. Exposalnes. Pontevedra, Spain. CERCO 2015. International Prize for Contemporary. Zaragoza, Spain. 35 CICA. International Competition of Clay. “L’Alcora”. Castellón, Spain. 2014 34 CICA. International Competition of Clay. “L’Alcora”. Castellón, Spain. “Price Expojove”. Elche, Alicante, Spain. 2007 Cultural Center Bancaja. Alicante, Spain. Museum of the City. Madrid, Spain. “Woman” Architecture Faculty of Thessaloniki, Greece. 2006 “Del uso al abuso´´ Centro 14 Gallery. Alicante, Spain. “Ponte las botas´´ Maremagnum Comerial Center. Barcelona, Spain. “Esculturas de alabastro”. Teruel, Spain. XXXIII Bancaixa Prize. Sala de la Muralla. IVAM. Valencia, Spain. Cultural Center La Asunción. Albacete, Spain. 2004 “Expoescultura”. Cultural Center of Teulada, Alicante, Spain. `”Encuentro de jóvenes artistas´´ Centro 14 Gallery. Alicante, Spain.  

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

A rock peeking out of the ground in the middle of a hillside, is surrounded by many similar stones , but only that rock is calling my attention. The same happened with that trunk , which together with so many dry and cut logs , asked to be devoid of unnecessary stuff that you anchored to the past .

Nature is creation and revelation, just look particularities enable it possesses.

Therefore we have moved away from our core, we have forgotten that we are part of it. But when we become aware of our origin, that we are more than matter , that life is not the sum of futile and routine events, we clearly see that the truth makes more sense than reality.

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