Penelope VALLEJO


Name: Penelope VALLEJO

Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴


Sensuality & Lyrical collective exhibition at Barcelona, Spain the cloister of Sant Cugat’s Monastery for the 2016 47th IAC International Academy of Ceramics . Present & Future of Catalan Ceramics Barcelona, Spain collective exhibition at 2016 Llotja . School of Arts & Design for the 47th IAC International Academy of Ceramics . Útilment collective exhibition at CCAM Barcelona, Spain (Arts & Crafts Catalan Center) for the 2016 47th IAC International Academy of Ceramics . Collective exhibition Transart at Barcelona, Spain La Rectoria Arts Center Private Foundation 2014-15 . Porcelain exhibition Parlem d’interaccions Barcelona, Spain (Talking about interactions) 2015 colaboration with visual artist Alexandra Ortiz . Performance Pell de fang (Clay skin) Barcelona, Spain in colaboration with actress Anna Capacés, 2015-16 musician Nico Flors & visual artist Alexandra Ortiz directed by Hansel Nezza at Marabula company . Aquí i Ara (here & now) 2014 collective exhibition Barcelona, Spain artists at Baix Montseny 2014 . Interactive Installation Eidós Barcelona, Spain collaboration with visual artist Alexandra Ortiz 2014 . Solo exhibition Geometries Orgàniques Barcelona, Spain at Centre Cultural La Bòbila 2010 . Vibracions de Porcellana Barcelona, Spain collective exhibition at ACC 2010 (Catalan Ceramists Association) .  

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

My interest in pottery started at the age of 7 as a hobby in a small family pottery studio making me feel that I was talking in a new language. This language evolved throughout my life becoming my way of living: creating & teaching.

It has been an intense journey within this field and it has helped me to discover new visions and techniques, finding my own personal way in sculpture and utilitary work, which have in common that they are both worked on the wheel.

The potter’s wheel offers me the possibility of creating regular geometric volumes. I like creating, cutting and joining them to explore their orogeny so that I can transform by modelling a regular shape into a more organic one. I have always been fascinated with the contrast offered by geometric forms that have an organic appearance and which we can perceive by observing in the mineral, vegetable or animal kingdoms…

I like to texture surfaces, colouring them with oxides and burnishing them so that the clay preserves its naked surface looking like stone. Also using crawling glaze effects trying to create new surfaces keeping a natural appearance. My latest works combine wheel throwing with a new skin made by porcelain paperclay soaked fabrics.

This way of working helps me to be closer to the idea that nature is organised in mathematical and geometric patterns, but surprisingly we see it exhibit an organic appearance.

As a point of reference for me, artists such as Rafa Pérez, Claudi Casanovas, Shozo Michikawa or Joan Serra all work in a similar matteric way with the clay. Understanding it as a geological process, directly connected with natural phenomenons. nbsp;

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