Wladimir VIVAS – Sara GONZALEZ


Name: Wladimir VIVAS – Sara GONZALEZ

Country: Spain

HP: click

Biography/ 略歴

1984 – 1985 Assistant potter in ceramic workshop: wheel throwing, glazes and woodfiring and gas kiln construction and firings.

1985 Start to collaborate with Antonio Vivas at Revista Cerámica (www.revistaceramica.com)

1986 – 1990 Publication coordinator Revista Cerámica

1990 – 2016 Deputy Director Revista Cerámica

2002 Design and management of the website www.revistaceramica.com

2007 – 2015 Daily News at www.revistaceramica.com

2009 – Today Editor of Revista Ceramica’s weekly newsletter

2010 – 2012 Design and management of www.ceramicanova.com

2012 – Today Design and management of www.infoceramica.com Organization of ceramic workshops, with International teachers in Asturias, Madrid, Huelva and Toledo

2013 www.infoceramica.com becomes a digital newspaper, with daily news and articles on international cerámics. Set up of a weekly newsletter (more than 6,000 email addresses)

2016 Associate Editor of Revista Cerámica

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

In 2012, Sara González y Wladimir Vivas created the digital publication Infoceramica (www.infoceramica.com). At the same time, they started to organize courses and workshops in different parts of Spain with the participation of recognized Spanish and foreing ceramists.

In 2013 Infoceramica.com becomed a digital newspaper, with daily news and varied contents: Exhibitions Reviews, Members Ceramics Gallery, Piece of the Week, Book Review, Directory, Galleries ,Technical Articles and a weekly newsletter (more than 6,000 email addresses)

Infoceramica.com has been a finalist in the “Premios Nacionales de la Cerámica 2016” (Spanish National Ceramics Awards 2016) and received a special recognition from the IAC and the ACC for its cooperation during the 2016 AIC Congress

According Feedspot Infoceramica.com is number one in the ceramics context in Spanish in the world

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