Indrani Singh CASSIME

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Name: Indrani Singh CASSIME

Country: India

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Biography/ 略歴

200-2002 : Trained under Mansimran Singh, Himachal Pradesh & Rachana Parashar, Noida in India and Ed Brown, Telford in England. 2002-2003 : Started her own production unit and teaching & training students. 2003-2017 : Shifted to Pondicherry, worked at Golden Bridge Pottery. Started pursuing Anagama firing. Attended many workshops and took part in multiple shows in India, Italy, Croatia. Currently she is working and developing the indegenous clay at her studio Phoenix Potteries.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I’m a ceramic artist and sculptor. My current works are organic and strong forms. My journey as an Indian artist is spiritual, inspiring me and connecting me to nature. I use native clay which in South India. Anagama firing gives my works life and makes it timeless.

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