Ferdinand HOVANCIK

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Name: Ferdinand HOVANCIK

Country: Czech republic

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Biography/ 略歴

Living in Czech republic from my 18′ in south bohemia a region well known for pottery making, I met there a ceramic master Mr Kovarik. He teached me to work with wheel in a traditionnal czech way, in 1997. We build with my brother many wooden kilns, and used to make big flower pot for trees, bonsai… Then I discovered the tea culture, and tea bowl which I do since 2000.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

We are running a ceraminc workshop with my brother for 20 years. We are making thick teracota on wheel with our special clay which we dig on our land from south czech. For tea ceramic we use Kaolin 80% from our region. We fire for 36 hours then we got several colors of yellow, red, grey and black. We are looking for naturals colors and using our trees.

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