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Country: Austria

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Biography/ 略歴

born 1967

1983 – 1987: High School for artistic Design, department for ceramic art, Graz, Austria 1989-1998: University of Vienna, Study of History of Art and Classical Archaeology 1989 – 2010 specialisation in design of large-scale ceramic sculptures and heating objects: creative concept, design and implementation

since 2010: Design and multi-variant production of unique pieces and small series for gourmet restaurans, advising collaboration with photographers and foodstylists

Current activities and events (selected):

2011: workshop on processing of porcelain with Sasha Wardell (England) 2012: residence in S-Korea, engagement with art and culture of traditional and contemporary Korean ceramics

2013: Passion for Art“, Kunststation Kollmitzberg, Austria Eco-Art and Ceramic-Festival in Taean, S-Korea 2014: Internat. Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition at Abant Izzet Baysal University of Turkey

2015: International Macsabal Fair Exhibition, Wanje, Jeonbuk, South-Korea, 17th International Chawan Expo, Hemiksem, Belgien ?Du Bol 2015“, exhibition, Gallery Alliages, Lille, France Internat. Woodfire Festival, Exhibition at Ancestral Temple of the Forbidden City, ?Ceramic Words on the Silk Road“, Beijing, China

2016: East/West Invitational Ceramics Exhibition – Heritage and Diversity. Hanyang-University, Seoul, S-Korea 10th International Eskisehir TerraCotta Symposium, Turkey Internat. Chawan-Expo, Miaoli, Taiwan Tea-Ware Expo, Ruoshui Tea Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2017: Internat. Tea-Ware Exhibition, H2O-Gallery, Kyoto, Japan ?Glas-Porzellan-Ton-Stein“, Gallery Pohlhammer, Steyr, Austria

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

Following her ceramic education Petra Lindenbauer graduated from the Vienna University in European History of Art and Classical Archaeology. In her ceramic work she reflects these studies in relation to the significance of ceramic objects in everyday life. The basic approach is her admiration of the functionality that can be inherent in ceramic items. The fact that we have been surrounding ourselves with ceramics for thousands of years as part of our everyday life or that we still choose ceramics for special occasions in our lives is remarkable and fascinating to her. In her artwork it`s not her aim to create a superficially pleasing object, but rather to make the inherent energy of an object perceptible. During the working process Petra tries to challenge the material in such a way that it contributes of itself, so it is a kind of constructive cooperation between her ideas and skills on the one hand and the dynamism of clay on the other hand. Clay is incredibly strong-willed and she wants to support this ability. She adores simplicity and a reduced formal language and gladly allows an influence of East Asian to her European artistic form.

Petra Lindenbauer has worked as a freelance artist for more than 25 years. She has participated in numerous international symposia, exhibitions and ceramics workshops (South Korea, China, Austria,Turkey, Spain, France,…)

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