2- Saraswati okS7A_3412 Saraswati (Renata Sereda)

Name: Renata SEREDA

Country: Russia

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Biography/ 略歴

Has been living and working in Auroville, South India since 2004. Was born in Russia to a ceramic family. Began to work with clay at the age of 12 and from the early age started developing her whimsical style of decorative ceramic miniature. The soft positive light and sense of humor inherent in her works were in contrast with the reality of Russia of 1990’s. Striving for understanding the spiritual meaning of the life events brought Saraswati to Auroville International Township in South India.

Graduated from Pedagogical University as a Russian language and Literature teacher. Set up her first ceramic solo show at 19 years. Got a first official work as a TV journalist (in 8 years – from news reporter to a news editor and a program host). Even in busy years of journalism was continuing the clay work as second profession.

Once moved to India in 2004 became fully dedicated to ceramics. Gradually left the miniature stream for creating medium scale objects made out of stoneware and porcelain, mostly electric fired.

From 2008 has been one of the two founders and a teacher at the ‘White Peacock’ clay club (working with students aged 7 to 17 years). The art pieces are in various private collections in India and abroad.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

My passion for clay lays far from functional pottery. I nurture the fragility of the material, highlight the transiency, the frailty of it. Ideas often come from the material itself, from the childhood dreams and sketches. Some objects represent the past, my childhood toys as well as the things that catch my eye in daily life. I admire the grog stoneware for it’s earthy rough beauty, and I am attracted by the fine touch and ‘light weight’ of the porcelain. The impossible task I have is to create a perfect home, a space filled with the perfect objects. I invite my audience to share this intimate and cozy space filled with joy and positive memories. Moving from miniature to a larger scale I am still on the way keeping two thing unchanged ? the joy of making and a good portion of humor in each piece.

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