Elisabetta Tiziana VILLA


Name: Elisabetta Tiziana VILLA

Country: Italia

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Biography/ 略歴

Graduated in 1980 in Industrial Design at ISA of Monza, Villa Reale, Milan, she gets her degree in scenography at the Fine Art Academy Brera, Milan. In 1988 she obtained a master’s degree in Design and Visual Merchandising at the Bocconi University, In collaboration with La Rinascente Foundation.

During all the studies she attended the artistic ceramics lab-works of the maestro Nanni Valentini making an experience that will deeply mark on her professional and human life.

Moreover, after meeting with the maestro Isao Hiajima, she moved to Japan, in Tokyo, where she devoted herself with great passion for artistic research, developing significant partnerships with Isao Hiajima itself and with companies such as Seiko, Epson Researches, ecc. She opens in Meda (Milan) and Viterbo, her studios of design and art direction.

The strong experience, the activities carried out in countries profoundly different from each other both for culture and for social habits, the innate and cultivated passion for art led Elisabetta Tiziana VILLA to create a totally unique artistic laboratory, where she realizes her own hands unique pieces (textiles, ceramics, wood and washi paper), representing the synthesis of knowledge and thirty-year involvement in the world of design and art.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

My ceramic looks like the form in the making,

where the transformation in object-form is only part of the between-formation of its elements:

earth, water, fire, air and where its vital energy “qi”

leaves to the imagination the task of evolving and being transformed.

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