Yuan-Tang WANG

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Name: Yuan-Tang WANG

Country: Taiwan

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Biography/ 略歴

I play clay and fire anagama for 9 years since I retired from my career. I am one of the owners of two anagama (We built these two kilns by our self.). I have 200 times of firing experience at 33 sets different kiln (include two wood fire kilns in Toge-no-Mori at Shigaraki). I like fire at different kiln at different place to make new friend.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I wish people will fell happy when they meet my works at the first glance. I like clay works very much, For many years, I and my wife always try to find one or two pieces of interesting souvenir when we visit a new country or new place. And I want to bring the same happiness to the people who encounter my clay works. That is why I only make owl, frog, pig, turtle, and sparrow etc clay animal which are easy to understand for general people who were not trained to have any ideal about art. I like the simplicity and the wide range of the variety of wood fired effect very much. So, I design my works with specified decoration and then let kiln god paint the color on my works freely by fly natural ash.

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