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Name: Valery MAILLOT

Country: France

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Biography/ 略歴

Learning ceramic in Saint Amand en Puisaye (2003), with potters of La Borne and in Spain.

2007 : construction of the anagama kiln of 4m3 and installation.

Exhibitions : Couvent de Treigny, Expolain, Contemporary Ceramic Center of La Borne (2015), ARCAD (design in countryside), Lyon Tupinier (2017)

Since 2008 : teacher of ceramic at Henry Moisand ceramic high school in Longchamp.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

Sandstone and porcelain shaped with a wheel, coil or slabs.

Enamelled, glazed. Woodfiring in an anagama kiln.

A near-obsessive repetiotion of gestures and shapes.

Letting myself be surprised by the result, every time, as I was with those little teapots made with slabs.

Installation of teapots, columns… that have filled my anagama kiln, witnessing fire living through its colors and the way it shapes the pieces.

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