Name: Alejandro FERNANDEZ

Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴


2017 (In project): Exposition. Collective Ceramics and Picasso. A bridge between Vallauris and Buitrago. Buitrago de Lozoya, Madrid.

2016 L’A International Ceramic Competition (CICA’16). Museum of Ceramics of L’Alcora.

2015 Ceramics Ceramics, Painting and Photography (MAGRAMA XXVII).

2015 Individual Exposition in “San Francisco La Prensa” cultural centre in Carabanchel, Madrid.

2014 Exposition. Collective in Julian Besteiro Cultural Center, Leganes. Madrid.

2014 Exp. Collective in the Episcopal Palace, Astorga, Leon. “Influences”

2013 Ceramics Ceramics, Painting and Photography (MAGRAMA XXV).

1997 Artistic Ceramics Competition City of Talavera. Talavera de la Reina.

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I represent the seventh link of a chain of potters and ceramists, embracing the tradition and creativity from my early years. I assume, therefore, the responsibility and the love that I have been given to this office in order to share it with anyone with the same curiosity.

During the 80’s I have seen recognized masters and artists go around our family workshop in Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona), people contemporaries of Carrasquillo, who is my father.

From the imprudent curiosity of a child, I have admired works by Angelina Aloos, Teresa Girones, Nuria Pie, Carrillo, Olot potters and the group of ceramics and potters of Zaragoza … just to quote a few. And also, as he lived with my family for a while, the Cuban ceramist Roberto Fernandez Fernandez with whom I discovered the modeling of Afro-Cuban faces.

There is no doubt that all of them are present in the first pieces of work that I dared to do during my childhood.

At the age of 14 I wanted to follow my father’s footsteps, my mentor, and I began to work as an apprentice in the family workshop now installed in Puente del Arzobispo (Toledo), dedicating most of my time to learn how to work in a potter’s wheel. During this stage I executed the manifold repetition of traditional forms in Talavera and Puente del Arzobispo, acquiring precision, skill and speed, attitudes that are essential for a good potter.

Nowadays, besides dedicating myself to teaching, I work as a workshop manager with the design company We Crave Design in Madrid.

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