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Name: Idoia GRIJALVO

Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴


2006 School d`arts and Oficis in Barcelona
. 2013 Gallery SAGA27 in San Sebastian
. 2014 KUTXA KULTUR HIRIA (KURSAAL building) in San Sebastian


Video Creation of dishes for the restaurant Akelarre of 3 stars Michelin:

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I started ceramics on the year 2000. From 2004 I specialized in this field at the School of Arts I Oficis in Barcelona. After this, I continued with specialization courses and workshops on creativity and ceramics.

My work is influenced by the most classical Basque, Catalan and Castilian pottery, as well as by the sobriety of the Scandinavian, passing by the traditional Japanese ceramics, which in recent years has marked my line of work.

Along with the traditional pottery and other supports, concepts and new creation processes, I have been shaping my stamp “ZERAMIX”, working every day in a more multidisciplinary, multi-faceted and eclectic way.

My priority is the creation of unique and timeless pieces made entirely by hand using the oldest techniques and the most basic and noble matters such as earth, water and fire.


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