_ONE6369 MAITE Vasos Comunicantes- 140 x 65 cm IMG_0157-1

Name: Maite LARENA

Country: Spain

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Biography/ 略歴


2011 Ceramics exhibition in the Superior College of Ceramics in Manises. March 2011. Manises, Valencia.


2010 Contempory Ceramics International Fair CERCO, Zaragoza.
2009 Selected in the 15th Ceramics Competition from the City of Valladolid. Valladolid.
2007 Exhibition in the Centre for the Promotion of Crafts in the 4th Worldwide Biennial of Ceramics in Corea, Seul. South Corea


Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

Maite Larena is a ceramist dedicated mainly to work with ceramic glazes. Is professor for 26 years at High School of Ceramics of Manises, Spain giving classes of ceramic glazes, kilns, firing techniques, ceramic technology … Its pieces are made with the potter’s wheel or mixed techniques. It works in high and media temperature, in atmospheres of oxidation and reduction with gas ceramic kilns. 

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