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Country: Sapain

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Biography/ 略歴


Potentiale Festival “lost places” Feldrich, Austria, 2016 .
Tent London Design Fair, London, England 2016 .
Berlin Design fair, Berlin, Germany 2016 .
workshop “the turn of pottery weels” , ANPEC, Manises, Valencia, Spain 2016 .
workshop about Zen in the chawan production, Escuela superior de Manises, Valencia, Spain, 20016 .
Stokholm furniture & design fair (DesignBoom mart) Stockholm, 2015 .
Winner of the competition-workshop, Venice Design Center of Excellence for One Care January 2010 .
Proposal for a new product and image in the new concepts of cleanliness.
Participating in the workshop, for FINDUS-UNILEVER, by IED-Rome in November 2009 .
Creating new concepts and products Soficcinni Findus.
Ecodesign Workshop with Lieven Bonaerense Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia 2006 .

Artist Statement/ アーティストステイトメント

I am an optimist that believes in ceramics as a lifelong path, the clay is the teacher in one to one conversations in a language that not always I can understand but sounds like music.

I believe in simplicity and sincerity in form and use, anything following this two premises tends to a natural beauty I love to achieve.

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