What is SASAMA International Ceramic Art Festival?

SASAMA International Ceramic Art Festival (ICAF) was taken place in 2011 as a first-held international ceramic festival in Japan, which provides an opportunity to mingle with ceramic artists and ceramic lovers in the world through various interactive events.

In Europe and the U.S, there are many interactive ceramic festivals presented by ceramic artists their own.
Whereas, here in Japan, a home of ceramic culture, such a event where ceramists can exchange their ideas and techniques has never been held so far.

The venue, Sasama (Shizuoka, JAPAN) is a scenic valley village, surrounded by abundant nature and known as a production area of high-quality green tea. Moreover, unique and interesting Japanese local cultures are still existing in their life.
On the other hands, the village faces to the issue of decreasing population and increasing aged.

The idea of ICAF arose with an encounter of Sasama residents who wanted to inherit their beautiful village to next generation and Shozo Michikawa who wanted to make an opportunity for young Japanese ceramists to inspire each other and exchange ideas with international people.

The festival is held in every 2 years and organizers invite ceramic artists from all over the world.
The invitation artists will offer demonstration and slide lecture during the festival. Moreover, about 70 ceramists who apply for the festival exhibit their pieces in the village. Festival offers not only to learn latest technique and information about ceramics, but also to meet locals and touch to traditional Japanese culture.

We wish festival will be the opportunities for everyone to meet new people and new culture.


Event Outline of ICAF 2017

Date and Place

Date: November 23rd (Thu), 24th (Fri), 25th (Sat), 26th (Sun)

Place: Sanson-Toshi Koryu Center SASAMA
(394, Sasama-kami, Kawane-cho, Shimada city, Shizuoka, JAPAN 428-0211)  


・Demonstration and Slide Lectures by Invited Artists.
・Opening Ceremony and Symposium

* There will be no exhibition and market on these days.
* You need to buy a ticket to attend to DS/ SL


・Exhibitions and Market
・Activities (Hiking, Tea Ceremony etc)
・Sake Bottle Kiln Firing (Only 25th)
・Food Market and Local Products



The Sponsor: SASAMA International Ceramic Art Festival 2017 Executive committee
Art Director: Shozo Micikawa (ceramist)
President: Toru Kitajima
Vice President: Minoru Nyuya



Sanson-Toshi Koryu Center Sasama
394 Sasama-kami, Kawane-cho, Shimdada city, Shizuoka

TEL: (+81) 547-54-0661
E-mail: sasama_ceramic_art_festival@yahoo.co.jp